BDRM-10 / BDRM-25 / Diode Resistor Station

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Modified Diode Resistor Stations BDRM-10 or BDRM-25 are used for electrochemical protection supplied by one cathodic protection station in case of corrosive destruction of several metallic underground facilities. Appropriate resistance set in BDRM channels supports the level of the required protection potential at the facilities. The devices are used as a polarized drainage and adjustable resistors with the diodes to eliminate the damage from the interference of neighboring utilities with segregated protection.

Operating Environment and Design

BDRM-10 (BDRM-25) works together with cathodic protection system at multi-thread (up to 4 threads) pipelines. The stations distribute the current from a cathodic protection system rectifier to independent metallic underground facilities, up to four items. Location Class is UHL1, and the devices can be used in the open air within the temperature range —60°С — +45°С with the maximum relative humidity 98% (at +25°С). BDRM-10/BDRM-25 is placed in a cabinet with a door and a lock. The station is cooled naturally through ventilation holes in the bottom part of the cabinet and through the mushroom-shaped roof at the top. The station is connected to the earth loop via a terminal in the outer bottom part of the cabinet. BDRM is designed to have 1-2 or 1-4 similar channels. Each channel is mounted on an electroinsulating panel which is installed on the bars in the cabinet. A channel is equipped with six similar wired resistors, a diode to adjust the current flow, a bypass to measure the current, a portable device and lead wires to adjust the channel resistance. Resistance of the channel can be changed by moving the lead wires, thus providing the required current value for the protected facility. BDRM-10 and BDRM-25 are manufactured with the channels of forward, reverse or mixed conductivity. EHZ-CENTER offers reliable Modified Diode Resistor Stations and provides their fast delivery. Delivery period is a week. A guide price for BDRM-10, BDRM-25 is from ₽ 3,100. Check the price and leave your request at 8-800-250-11-83 or send a request at
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